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AH, London for migraines and recurrent urinary tract infections:I consulted Chris after a mastectomy in 2008. I was feeling very low, exhausted with constant migraines, neck and shoulder pains and cystitis – my doctor seemed unable to help - nothing was working. I became interested in phytotherapy and found Chris online and was impressed by his credentials. After a consultation he put me on a healthy diet and prescribed herbs and vitamins. My symptoms vastly improved after 1 month and continued improving slowly over time. 5 years later I am at a point where I no longer need the herbs but if my symptoms return I know where to go!

EL, Herefordshire for recurrent tonsillitis: Emily at 11 years old went down with tonsillitis 4 times within a short period, nearly missing a term of school. It was so bad it looked like she would need to have her tonsils removed. Chris put together some tincture mixture and Emily who is now 14 years old, has not had tonsillitis since.

IK, Kent for non-Hodgkin's lymphoma: I first met Chris in 2008 after a diagnosis of Non-Hodgkins lymphoma when I was about to start chemotherapy. I didn't have to talk at 100mph to give him my health story, he listened carefully and took lots of notes without looking at the clock.  His calm demeanour and professionalism left me calm and reassured of the care that he was going to provide.  Chris was always a telephone call away throughout the 5 weeks I spent in hospital for my initial chemotherapy (R-CHOP).  It is now 6 years on since I first met him. I have used my personalised tinctures for a while now and intend to do so in future. The cancer is in remission I feel very well both mentally and physically.  I still continue to consult with him for other ailments.  I cannot speak highly enough of this service which threw me a lifeline when I thought I wouldn't make it.  I only wish there were more people like him.

JS, West Midlands for gallstones: Thank you for the tincture.  When I first took the tincture on Friday I felt instant relief in the stomach area, and since then I don't feel any discomfort a few hours after eating.  I must say that the tincture is nothing less than a miracle cure, I can’t thank you enough.

KL, Herefordshire for non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma: I was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma 5 years ago. After getting in touch with Chris he prescribed a herbal mixture and gave me a diet plan and now 5 years on, my cancer is in remission. Speaking to Chris was a breath of fresh air, he explained everything clearly to me, he gave me hope, he listened, and has literally changed my life for the better. I recommend to everyone whatever their ailments to speak to Chris. For me it has been a wonderful life changing experience, I now know there are alternatives out there to be tried and most importantly having cancer does not have to be all negative.

LZ, London for chronic fatigue syndrome: I’ve had mild to moderate Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for 16 years and Chris’s herbal mixture helped me to get through a very difficult time of bereavement last year. I think without that I would very likely have suffered a relapse.  Though I do still sometimes get some ups and downs, I feel overall my health is stronger and more stable than before.

RL, Herefordshire for recurrent low blood sugar (latent hypoglycaemia): With a family history of diabetes, a parent dying of Pancreatic Cancer and blood sugar issue, I contacted Chris for help. Being considerably fit and eating healthy was half the battle. Chris helped to fine tune things and with the added help of a tincture mixture has put me in pole position. Chris is straight-forward and approachable.

RR, London for autoimmune issues: 

Chris Etheridge already came highly recommended. I had already been battling with an autoimmune condition for a couple of years and at times felt despondent and almost 'overtaken' by its invasive symptoms. The hospital, from the start wanted to issue me with 'Western medicines' but I took the holistic approach - to treat my whole body rather than suppress one area. Chris always gave such gentle, precise advice, backed with his years of practise in the varying wings of healthcare. His extensive experience gave weight to his personalised prescriptions, which for me included both a healing tonic taken twice daily and a specially made cream. Chris was so adaptable as my health needs took their ups and downs - but we kept going!

And, I moved from a state of a condition that was being seen as potentially serious by my Out Patients visits at the hospital to one of calm and peace in my body. Yes, one can say; - of being 'healed'. I have gone from red alert to experiencing an almost 'normal life'. This is a wonderful feeling to celebrate as the condition was debilitating both emotionally and physically.

I would like to thank Chris for co-creating such a positive outcome for me and my life. And, I can of course, do nothing more than to thoroughly recommend him - he is super knowledgable but so important too - he is kind. And along with his empathic manner and a genuine wish to see his clients healthy and happy in all ways, it has been a wholly positive experience to be treated by Chris.

SD, Herefordshire for subfertility due to polycystic ovarian syndrome: After 3 years of trying we had almost given up hope of having a family of our own after the Fertility Consultant gave us a 2% chance of conceiving naturally. But within 3 months of starting the herbal treatment from Chris, I was pregnant. Not only can I not praise the treatment highly enough, Chris's help, encouragement, guidance, knowledge and care were all second to none and he is an exceptionally kind and caring individual which made us feel safe and confident in his care.